10 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

1. Declutter

The number 1 step to making a home show well is to declutter. Over the years most people accumulate clothes, furniture and items without really noticing it. This simply, yet effective step can make a home look larger and spacious. You want your prospective buyers to be able to visualize themselves in your home with their furniture and it is much easier to do that with less items lying around. Here are the 7 easy ways you can make your home clutter-free! Pro-tip have a custom decluttering & selling recommendation list made for you upon getting your free home evaluation with Stephanie De Souza!

2. Accent Walls

Make your house pop with an easy DIY (do it yourself) accent wall for under $100! Accent walls stand out and leave the prospective buyer remembering your property over other similar plain ones. In Toronto’s fast paced market, it is all about making your property tastefully stand out to buyers who see several properties a week! Stephanie has seen thousands of homes and can help you select a wall in your home look fabulous today. Look inside for one of our own DYI projects!

3. Smells & Aromas

As people we are very moved by what we smell. That’s because odors take a quick and direct route to your brain’s sensory that relates to memory & emotion. So, good smells create good memories! Through experience Stephanie has noticed that entering a pleasant-smelling home sets the tone for the rest of the showing and keeps buyers interested and intrigued.

4. Create Curb Appeal

When it comes to the exterior of a home most people think it is expensive to improve and as a result sometimes avoid it altogether. However, a small budget and a little elbow grease can get you a long way! Spruce up the exterior of your home with some exterior paint, potted plants and freshly cut grass.


5. Neutral Colors

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! It will rejuvenate the room with a fresh clean look but be careful not to use overpowering colors and designs. Appeal to the largest number of people by choosing neutral colors for your walls. Remember, you don’t know who will want to buy your home so you need to appeal to the majority of people.

6. Create a Connection

Show buyers what they can do with your space once it’s theirs! You know your space the best so highlight the special spots or unique ways you have utilized your space to allow the buyers to envision themselves and their families enjoying their potential new home. Cozy family rooms, morning coffee station with natural light, patio with grill for summer BBQs are a few examples that could create that connection with your home

7. Personal Pictures

In order to make buyers feel comfortable and “at home” when viewing your place, allow them to picture themselves living in your home. Having a lot of personal pictures of you and your family would make that a little challenging. Potential buyers want to feel inspired, cozy and even be able to picture how their day-to-day life would look like in your space. Removing some of your personal pictures helps future owners imagine less of you and more of them in your home. Consider abstract, scenic or geometric wall art to replace any personal images

8. Make The Beds

Making all the beds in your home is an easy and free trick to make every bedroom appear tidy and orderly. Beds are usually the largest furniture piece in each bedroom and a messy bed can easily make a clean room look disheveled. Make sure that all the beds are made whenever you have any scheduled showings for the day. A quick trick is to change out old bedding for new ones that match the overall color scheme in each room.

9. Lighting

Lighting is everything! Ever taken a bad picture because of bad lighting? Well, houses are no different! Just like you and I, homes don’t show well in poor & dim lighting. That’s why retailers always have their product in well lit areas, sometimes even in bright showcases. Make sure that your home is well lit to highlight your home’s strong features. Replacing old light fixtures for new modern ones is a cheap step to make your home look fabulous

10. Free for Showing

Simply put, the higher number of people that view your home, the higher the chances of getting it sold fast and for the most money. A house can only sell for its maximum potential if it has had full exposure and everyone that wanted to see it had a chance to. Therefore, an important factor when selling is being flexible with showing times! Of course, a staged vacant property allows the most showings; however, the most common showing times are weekday evenings and weekends. Accommodate these showing times and you should be getting close to the highest number of views for your home.

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