“... As newcomers, it was complicated to understand how the housing market works in Toronto and the GTA, but Stephanie made the journey enjoyable and stress-free. Her cleverness and professionalism guided us to the best home we could ask for. We cannot stress enough how happy we are with our place, and it is thanks to Stephanie and her team.”

- Luis Bacalhau

Guiding You Through Every Step

We understand what it’s like to be in a new country, and not being sure where to start. From the minute you hire us to the moment you close–and after that, too–we’re by your side with encouragement and a guiding hand.

We come from immigrant families, and work with dozens of newcomers settling in Toronto, so we know first-hand the unique struggles you may face as a new Canadian. That’s why we’ve created a process specifically for our newcomer clients to ensure you experience a smooth transition into your new life.

What To Expect

01. Connecting you to financing

Financial requirements for newcomers buying their first home are less strict than rules for Canadian-born buyers. We’ll help you create a savings plan, connect you to mortgage specialists, and help you take advantage of the incentives available so you can get the most value for your home.

02. Connecting you to professionals

We’re a full-service team, which means you won’t ever have to go somewhere else to get the help you need. Whether you need a mortgage specialist, movers, lawyers, school information, or anything else, we’ll make sure you’re connected with trustworthy professionals, and get you the information you need quickly.

03. Connecting you to community

We work all over Toronto, but the west end is our home, and it’s a wonderful mix of cultures. No matter where you’re from, or where you want to go in the city, we’ll help you find a community that you’ll fit right into. We’re especially tapped in to the Portuguese and Brazilian communities in our town, and we have plenty of connections that can help you in your native language.

A Team You Can Rely On

We know moving to a new country can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we’re focused on walking you through every step of the process at your pace. We’re here to help you learn, become an educated home buyer, and find a permanent place to call home in a welcoming community. Call, email, or text us any time and we’ll be ready to help with anything you need.